We would love to have you be our guest any Sunday. We have two worship services. 

* Our 9:15 service is in our Youth Outreach Center at the back of our campus 
and features a more contemporary style, with guitar, keyboard, bass and drums.

* Our 10:30 service meets in our Worship Center at the front of the campus. It utilizes
a more traditional approach, with piano and keyboard as the main accompanying instruments.

Both services include Scripture reading, worship music, teaching from God's Word, and communion every Sunday. You will find both worship services to be fairly informal, and we encourage you to stay around if you would like to get acquainted with members.

When you visit we invite you to fill out a registration slip, which is a part of the program (bulletin) you will receive, although that is optional. If you are interested in finding out more about the church, you can note so on your registration slip when you visit ...or you can fill out a contact form on the Home Page of this website right now or anytime. If you prefer, you can also contact us:

PHONE: 352.787.2962 or 352.250.9502